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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Swollen Penis



Hi. I am of age 25. Several years ago, after definite sexual overuse of some sort, my penis swelled badly accompanied w/ pain. After a couple of days the swelling went down and everything was back to normal, except for a scar that still remains. Three days ago the exact same thing occured, but this time it is just a slight swell w/ a little pain. I wasn`t worried because of the complete recovery I experienced last time. That was until I purchased the latest Men`s Health, which claimed that this could be a tear along with nerve damage and resort into something more serious in the future. The article said that most men who suffered from impotency experienced this sort of damage at an earlier age. So, do I have anything to be concerned about? What can I do now to help prevent from longterm permanent damage? If there is a tear in it, what can I do to enable full recovery? I thank you for your time and expertise.


Very good question. I am not sure what kind of penile scar you have, on the skin or internally. You are correct. penile trauma can lead to scarring, deformity and loss of erection. It sounds like you have been lucky so far. If the 2nd episode of trauma was recent, I would see a urologist for an evaluation and discussion.

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