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Infectious Diseases




I have been put in the hospital for cellulitis and have had my 3 episode with cellulitis, goint to the er room each time because the redness gets so large. I have had blood work done but no answers, why do you think this is reaccurring? This is my 4th episode sinceJuly 17.2003.


Cellulitis, an infection of the skin, can be initiated by several routes. Often, it is associated with a cut in the skin that gets contaminated with bacteria and spreads. Repeated bouts of cellulitis may be seen in those who have varicose veins and poor blood flow, who have diabetes, or in those with athlete`s foot. The latter causes the skin to break down and bacteria get in it. 

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George S Deepe, Jr, MD George S Deepe, Jr, MD
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Director of Infectious Diseases
College of Medicine
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