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Child Abuse

Information on Child Abuse



I have to wrte a 5 page report on child abuse and i want to know: what causes it? How can you stop it? what are forms of child abuse? how are the children affected? can the children develop mental illness? If it happeds to a child, are they most likely the do the same to their children? Could it cause a child to kill their parents, friends, themselves, or anyone?


Good luck on your paper.  There are many excellent resources on the internet that you will find and can use to help you write your paper.

This site includes some links to great internet resources.  We also have answers to many of your questions at http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/svc/alpha/c/child-abuse/default.htm

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Go to the Child Abuse health topic, where you can:

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Robert Shapiro, MD
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati