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Infectious Diseases

Joint swelling after treatment for Lymes



I had a relapse of Lymes Disease and was given oral antibiotics for 6 weeks (originally diagnosed a little over two years ago and had Lymes for about 10 months before I was diagnosed). The first week after treatment ended many of my symptoms returned. My left elbow joint constantly hurts to this day. I was told these were all residual symptoms and everything would eventually subside. Three weeks later my elbow swelled and hasn`t gone completely down yet and still hurts and is sore to the touch(a month and a half later). Shouldn`t this swelling go away and shouldn`t the pain stop at some point. I`m right handed and it`s my left elbow that bothers me so I can`t go along with the fact that that joint is being overused. Thanks.


I suggest that you go see your physician to help determine if your symptoms are due to Lyme disease or some other condition.

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Peter D Walzer, MD Peter D Walzer, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati