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Where can I find affordable braces?



My oldest daughter has had braces for a year and a half now and the total cost was 4,600 which I am paying 80 monthly. My twin daughter`s now need braces as well. The cost for each of them is 3,600. I am a single mother and there is no insurance that will cover at least some of the cost because according to them they have to have so many points to qualify for Denti-Cal. Can you please help me find an affordable Ortho that won`t be too expensive. I can`t afford paying Western Dental 300 monthly for 3 girls because they won`t put it together as one payment. Thanks so much!


Since you did not tell me where you reside, I may not be of much help. In the Columbus, Ohio area there are two places that may provide help. One is Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Section of Orthodontics: 614 292 9100, and the other is Columbus Children's Hospital Dental Clinic, but I know they limit their orthodontic care to Cleft Palate Children. Unfortunately, the State of Ohio keeps cutting back on medicaid funding, if you would even qualify for that program.

Speak to your family dentist and see if he knows of anyone. Orthodontic fees seem high but when the plan covers two children and maybe for two years of treatment, this does not seem out of line. Ask the orthodontist what ill effects there are from waiting and just be frank about your ability to do this at this time. Not much help, but a few ideas.

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
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