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Gum Diseases

White gum



I have just had a check up my dentist and she has referred me to the local hospital dental department because my lower left side of gum is a bit white, not at all sore but it is a gap in my teeth, has been for years. She said they will take a piece of the gum and I am quite concerned. Have you any idea of what it could be?


It is very hard to tell what it is just by given information and even if I examine you in the clinic. That is why your dentist wants to have a biopsy taken from that area and studied under a microscope. It can be a simple benign tissue change due to local irritants like smoking, etc. or it can be more serious. We, as dentists, always need to look at what appears to be out of normal range. Most of the time, we like to observe this during the patient's appointment. In this case, your dentist recommends you to have it removed and histologically examined. He/She is also sending you to a hospital where specialists in oral pathology are available. Thus, he/she does not want to miss anything.

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Binnaz   Leblebicioglu, DDS, MS, PhD Binnaz Leblebicioglu, DDS, MS, PhD
Associate Professor of Periodontology
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University