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Skin Care and Diseases

Red face



Hi, I have a very red face. I have had a very red complexion since around puberty. I do not have any other symptoms of rosacea, other than a red face, so I`m not sure: do I have rosacea? Other people in my family have red complexions too. My face is constantly red, I flush easily, and the redness intensifies with exercise, etc. I am deeply bothered by my face. Can this be treated by laser treatment or the new photo-light method that treat rosacea? I would like to undergo some kind of treatment that would dull the redness a lot. Any information you can give me would be helpful. Thank you!


It is doubtful that the redness of your face is rosacea, as you describe it.  It may in fact simply be a family trait in someone who has very fair skin.  In order for the right diagnosis to be made, you need to see a board certified dermatologist.  If you have accentuated of blood vessels that can be treated with newer destructive methods such as lasers, then the dermatologist can tell you where those are available and what the results have been. 

My first step would be to contact your board certified dermatologist in the community in which you live.  There are a number of remarkable laser labs at the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and a number of smaller institutions across the country.  I would suggest one of the major teaching institutions that has laser labs.


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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati