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Obesity and Weight Management

Can obesity interfere with puberty in males?



Hi, I`m a 19 yeard old male. I have suffered from obesity since i was a baby. Im 5`7" and I weigh 230lbs. Now my concern is.. My penis in diameter looks like the penis of 8 year old kid. I know that obesity can interfere with the length of a penis due to exces of body mass, however can it interfere with the development in diameter of a penis ? and if not, what can posibly cause this ? becuase, honestly speaking, it just looks like and undeveloped penis. Thanks


Most of us are familiar with the research that has been done showing that obesity in young girls often results in early maturation and the early onset of puberty. However, studies have shown the opposite to be true in males. Below are some research articles that you can follow up on if you would like to learn more. I would suggest following up with your family physician to discuss further.

1. Kaplowitz P. Delayed puberty in obese boys: comparison with constitutional delayed puberty and response to testosterone therapy. Journal of Pediatrics, December 1998; 133:745-9.

2. Saenger P, Sandberg DE. Delayed puberty: when to wake the bugler [Editorial]. Journal of Pediatrics, December 1998;133:724-5. 

3. Therapy in Boys with Delayed Puberty. American Family Physicians, April 1999.

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