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Skin Care and Diseases

About laser treatment for removal of hair



I am having over growth of hair on my eyebrows,because of that my eyebrows look too dark,i want to shape my eye brows but if i once start shaping them i have to go continuesly to parlour ,so by having laser treatment i can shape them permanently?


The treatment of excess hair by lasers has not totally come of age.  There is early alopecia and you can shape the area very well.  Regrowth is about 20-30% in the best of hands within six months, requiring additional treatments.  Electrolysis is another alternative, which in skilled hands, has a better permanent removal rate.  You may wish to talk to a cosmetic dermatologist.  There are a number in the major cities within this country.  Certainly those that have populations close to 1,000,000 will have very good cosmetic dermatologists, and that is where I would suggest you consult. 


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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati