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Domestic Violence

Seeking Protection from Domestic Violence



Where do most victims go to seek protection?


People who experience domestic violence seek protection in a number of ways and places. Some may seek residential shelter with friends, family, or designated domestic violence shelters in order to protect themselves (and their children and pets) from immediate dangerous situations involving an abuser. 

Others may seek formal legal protection, by calling police, or obtaining civil protection orders (restraining orders) from the court system.  Civil protection orders can be used to protect victims from future contact by an abuser. 

Some victims may informally seek protection from abuse, by telling their doctor or other trusted professionals about their abuse experiences --- which can often serve as an impetus for victims to develop a safety plan for themselves and possibly seek legal protection from police and courts. 

Some victims may find seeking protection is more difficult than others; for example, victims who reside in rural settings often have fewer resources to access compared to women in urban settings. 

The links below will provide you with additional information about seeking protection.  Please write back if you have further questions.

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