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CT scan



I had a CT SCAN due to headaches and am now having to undergo a MRI for further testing The result of the CT SCAN was a leftward deviation of septum pellucidum, they said I could have been born this way and is more than likely not the reason for me having headaches.

What exactly is "Leftward deviation of septum pellucidum"?


The septum pellucidum is a thin membrane that sits between the two lateral ventricles (fluid filled spaced in the middle of the brain). It usually is thus a structure that is only important in helping us determine where the middle of the brain is (the midline). When a physician sees a shift or deviation in the midline to one side, it is prudent to investigate and make sure that there is no problem present that is causing the shift.

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Brett   Kissela, MD Brett Kissela, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Director, Neurology Residency Program
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati