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Child Abuse

Sexual Abuse and Fertility Issues



I have a question I`ve never been able to tell anyone, even now in my adult years I still can`t. But when I was younger I was abused very badly at the age 10 and I`m now 25 and ready to start my own family but can`t perform for 2 yrs and I don`t have any health issues but the only thing I can think of is what happened to me when I was young and can sex at that age cause a fertility issue. It is hard to write this but the abuse was vaginal and anal and every thing else you can think of and it was a adult male .please help.


Sexual abuse does not usually create physical issues with fertility.  So that your physician can best provide you with care I suggest that you ask this question to him or her on your next visit.

In addition, counseling is often helpful to victims of sexual abuse.  Consider speaking with a mental health provider about your childhood experiences. 

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Robert Shapiro, MD
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati