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Breast Feeding

Acid reflux in baby- Please Help



My 4 month old baby, who is exclusively breast fed, has been very fussy after each breastfeeding. This has started recently. Our pediatrician had prescribed prevacid (1/2 tablet a day) and recently upped it to one tablet a day. This has not helped as he seems to be in a lot of pain. He feeds only for about 5 minutes and starts crying for more than 20 minutes. He also spits up most of the milk. He also seems to have lost his appetitite.

Please provide any suggestion that might help us. I had a few slices of pizza today and yesterday. Could the cheese have contributed to his sudden increase in his pain?


For the acid reflux I suggest you continuing working with your pediatrician to resolve the problem, but also consider that it may be something other than acid reflux, especially since the symptoms seem to be getting worse instead of better. It is possible that the foods you eat will affect the baby. Many women find that their newborns are gassier the day after they have eaten foods which cause gas in themselves. Usually the infant's reaction will appear about 24 hours after you have eaten a specific (therefore you need to consider what you ate 24 hours earlier). It is hard to find that your infant is not reacting well to your breastmilk. I wish you the best as you find resolution to the problem of acid-reflux.

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Barbara   Morrison, PhD, CNM, FNP Barbara Morrison, PhD, CNM, FNP
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Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
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