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My sis suffers from Lichen Planus since 6 yrs. After trying out all possible modes of therapy she has now switched over to Homeo pathy. She has found it better too. Will this disease hinder her marital life? Does it spread to her life partner also? Will she have normal baby? Pl answer at the earliest?


As you may know, the course of LP is unpredictable, for some patients the condition clears spontaneously, only to recur months or years later. For other patients, it can be a continuous problem. Treatments with oral, intramuscular, and topical steroids are the mainstay of therapy. If these don't work, and the condition is moderate or severe in it's nature, treatments such as plaquenil, long term oral antibiotics, Accutane, methotrexate, Enbrel, cyclosporine, Cellcept, and phototherapy are some other possibilities. If it is mild, topical medications, intralesional steroid treatments, and tanning beds as well as excimer laser are some of the options.

The condition is not contagious and no one else can get it from her. It's effect on her marital life depends on how severe it is, where she has it, and how much it affects her and her spouse psychologically. Mucosal LP (mouth and private areas) can have more of an effect on patients than skin LP, although that varies with different factors.

LP is not known to effect the ability to have a baby. It is unlikely that LP will effect the baby, although there are rare cases of babies having lichen planus shortly after birth. This may not be related to the mother having LP.

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Pranav   Sheth, MD Pranav Sheth, MD
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