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Adult Sealants or Fillings



I am 40 years old with several fillings and no root canals or other dental work. Our insurance pays 100% for sealants at any age. I asked the dentist if he would put sealants on my teeth. He said that sealants don`t stay on adults because the diffence in adult diets than of kids. I don`t understand this statement. If he is talking about drinking or smoking, I don`t do either one. He also said that sealants can`t be put over silver fillings. Is this true?


And the answers are:

  1. Sealants if placed with no occlusal premature contacts, should last on adults as well as children.
  2. No, sealants cannot be placed over amalgam restorations.

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Response by:

James H Houston, DDS James H Houston, DDS
Instructor of Community Dentistry
School of Dental Medicine
Case Western Reserve University