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Prostate Cancer

Alkaline Diet for Reducing PSA



Following a positive biopsy in 6 of 11 samples and a gleason score of 7, I went on a total Akaline diet of raw organic fruits and vegetables, wild caught fish, ancient grains, omega 3 oils, goat yogurt green teas. No dairy, no meats, no caffeine, no alcohol. Several natural immune boosters. My pre-biopsy PSA`s were 4.2 reduced to 3.8 with a month of antibiotics. My post-biopsy after 30 days was 5.3. I began the above diet at this point and the last PSA was 3.2 (down from 5.3) after being on the diet for only one month. I will have another PSA test in one months time prior to my R/P surgery date. If My PSA is further reduced below 3, I am considering delaying the surgery in favour of additional testing such as EPCA and tNOX blood tests,as well as an MRI. Does this make sense to you?


These facts are also explained by:

1] the variability of PSA

2] PSA usually rises after the injury the biopsy causes and then declines as the prostate heals.

I think that whatever happens to your PSA the key fact here is that 6 of 11 biopsies contain cancer and that will not go away with your new diet. My advice is to keep your surgery date.

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R Bruce  Bracken, MD R Bruce Bracken, MD
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College of Medicine
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