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Pain Management

Whole Body Pain



Dear Doctor, I have not felt well for quite some time now, pain started in mid back and hip some three years ago. Recently, I have gone downhill so fast(4 months), very scary and have no life. almost everything hurts, always tired and just ended up in the hosp for 3 days for kidney inflammation. A month ago I was told I have a low titer positive for lupus, but then when he redid the blood said my numbers look good.All I know is I can`t even do the simplest things anymore and I've tried Motrin 800, and Darvocet, neither of which even remotely touched the pain, can no longer do anything but lay on the couch, can't even play with my kids anymore, have no choice but to work and when I do I come home crying.Please if you have any idea help and if not could you tell me who could, Dr. said I need a rheumatologist, who I can`t see until November 20 first avail appointment, and urologist, 3 weeks first avail appt.,


From the description that you just gave, you may have whole body pain (myofascial pain syndrome) and depression.

The best advice to you at this time is to:

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Hammam  Akbik, MD, FIPP Hammam Akbik, MD, FIPP
Formerly, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati