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High Blood Pressure

What is the normal reading in a 4 year old



i would like to know what the normal blood pressure reading is in a 4 year old little girl weighing 36 pounds,because she went to the doctor today and they said her pressure was high,the readings were 108/69


In children, the levels of blood pressure considered normal depend on age and height.  The way blood pressure is categorized is a little bit confusing:

A blood pressure over the 95th percentile (of all blood pressure measurements for that age and height group) is considered elevated or "hypertension".  In other words, the top 5% of blood pressure results in a given group is considered too high. 

If the girl's height is at the 50th percentile, her blood pressure would be in the 50th percentile at 91/52, or at the 95th percentile at 108/70.  Therefore, if her height is at the 50th percentile or less, her current blood pressure is high.  If her height were in the top 90th percentile, her blood pressure would be "normal".

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Max C Reif, MD Max C Reif, MD
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