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Prostate Cancer

High PSA Level Causes



I am writing to inquire if there are other causes for high PSA level, other than cancer. Say bladder infection, ecoli etc. My husband is scheduled for a biopsy of his prostate, some people state that this is not necessary. His prostate is normal, however, his PSA levels are high and he had two screenings. Please advise.


Most elevated PSA's are not due to prostate cancer. PSA can be elevated in patients with the following conditions:

However, men with a ten year life expectancy who have an elevated PSA should have a prostate biopsy as about one third will have a potentially curable prostate cancer. Nowadays, almost 75% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer are diagnosed because their PSA is elevated. 

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R Bruce  Bracken, MD R Bruce Bracken, MD
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College of Medicine
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