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Orthodontic treatment help



I was initially supposed to have braces on for only a year and it is going on two years now. I understand it is a process that takes time, however, considering the condition of my teeth i strongly believed it was drawn out for no good reason. I was supposed to have my braces off back in August of 2007 but due to a lack of comfort and some crookedness within my teeth, I wouldn`t allow them to be taken off. Adjustments to my wire were constantly being made to improve alignment and bite but resulted in more problems and a lack of improvement. To make things even worse, I`ve found stripped enamel on the bottom front of my tooth fm where one adjustment was made which looks like my tooth has been chipped or scraped. :( I am very frustrated with the lack of improvement and am so stressed with all the discomfort this has caused me. I am very upset with my orthodontist and am needing advice on what my options may be. We have paid them off already and I do not want to complete treatment if my teeth are not straight as promised. I paid for them to fix my teeth and I do not feel that they have, rather i feel they have made them slightly worse. I am wondering if it is possible to continue treatment with another orthodontist and if so, would i be able to get my money back for incomplete treatment with my current orthodontist? I don`t want to have to take legal action, but after all of what i`ve dealt with i just can no longer tolerate this. It`s made me so upset and i no longer want to continue with them no do i want to pay them for such poor treatment. Please help.


I'm sorry to hear you are disappointed with your orthodontic care.  It is obvious you feel you cannot talk to the orthodontist, but are you sure he/she is aware of your feelings? I know of no orthodontist who does not want to meet the goals of the original treatment plan.  Perhaps you did not understand that sometimes there are limitations of the biology that may prevent there being an outcome that meets your expectations. So even though it is difficult, I would try to get the problem resolved with the original orthodontist.  You can get a second opinion, but it will involve time and expense.  However, at least you will be able to see if further improvement is possible.

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
Professor Emeritus - Clinical, Associate of Dentistry
College of Dentistry
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