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Lung Cancer

CT scan results



hi i wanted to ask you about my moms ct results. it showed a mass in her upper lobe left lung kind of in the center of upper lobe which the dr. said showed just a few involved lymph nodes i guess around the mass maybe but no where else so far even though they have not done a pet scan yet.he will biopsy it tomorrow by a bronchoscope and he said he would be able to tell more like if it has involved the bronchioles or branch or windpipe but the biopsy would take 2-3 days to find out what type of cancer it is!is the prognosis worse if its in the left lung or right or does that even matter? does the size matter if it is like the size of a lemon or as small as a dime as far as prognosis? does the area of the lung high or low, outer or inner have a better prognosis from ur experience? can the lung still be resected if it involves bronchioles,branch,or windpipe? are nsclc masses bigger or smaller than sclc?i just need some answers for more hope and to ease some of my worries!


Thank you for your question. One of the most important things to determine during the assessment of a mass is if it is malignant. Despite any findings by CAT scan or PET scan, a biopsy is necessary to establish the diagnosis. Should a diagnosis of lung cancer be established, the next step is to determine the stage. Staging is based on the size and location of the lesion, presence of multiple lesions, involvement of lymph nodes of the chest or areas outside of the chest. Whether the mass is on the left or right is less important than its size, proximity to important structures in the chest and involvement of lymph nodes. A larger lesion implies more advanced disease. Surgical resection is very dependent on whether the primary lesion involves important structures in the chest and whether there are multiple lesions or evidence of metastatic disease. Both NSCLC and SCLC can present as small or larger lesions. Once the biopsy has been performed and results available, you should obtain further consultation from your physician.

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