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Oral Cancer

What Could Long Lasting Sore Throat and Black Spots Indicate?



I`ve had this sensation in my throat for 3 weeks now and it doesn`t seem to be getting any better. At first it seemed more like something was caught in my throat, but now at times it seems a little sore, and others like when I cough to clear my throat, or just swallow my saliva normally, it almost seems like it`s catching on something and not clearing completely. The other thing I noticed just this week was that I have 3 dark spots inside my mouth on the side. They aren`t bumps because I can`t feel them, and they don`t hurt, so I don`t know if I just bit the side of my mouth one time or if it`s something I should be worried about also. I`ve gone to my doctor here at school and he did a full checkup, feeling my throat and looking around in my mouth, and said everything looked healthy, but that was before these three spots showed up. Please help. Thank you.


Unfortunately it is not possible to diagnose your problem with a description. If your problem is persistent, then it is probably a good idea to be evaluated by an ear, nose, throat physician (ENT) for further advice.

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Amit  Agrawal, MD Amit Agrawal, MD
Associate Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University