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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Stress and Anxiety



I have had this stress and anxiety issue for a long time and ignored it. I get scared, nervous about places out in the middle nowhere, throat feels funny and a lot of muscle tenions. I am just afraid I am too late. I am now going to start taking Paxil. Can you die of this disorder or can I beat this thing? I am just afraid to ask this question to anyone.


Anxiety disorders are very common and very treatable.  With medications and counseling, most people get better.  Treatment may, however, take a while, often 6  to 24 months at a minimum.

Despite the feelings of fear and doom, the anxiety alone has never killed anyone.  HOWEVER, don't assume that new symptoms are just more anxiety -- people with anxiety can also develop heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.  If something new occurs and doesn't get better in a reasonable amount of time, it is always appropriate to see your primary care doctor.  People with anxiety may also have depression, too.  Suicide can be a risk is a person is severely depressed, so having a mental health professional who you trust to work with you is very important.

Good Luck.

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