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Chemotherapy and Radiation Effects



A very close friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer of the epiglottis, cancer of the voice box and cancer of the hyper-pharynx. Normally, can chemo-therapy and radiation lessen the severity of the cancer and if so, to what degree? Would you be able to tell me the percentage rate of survival for these cancerous conditions?


Without knowing the exact staging of your friends disease it is hard to give a definitive response. However, assuming that the disease is limited to the primary site, a patient would receive chemotherapy, radiation and surgical options with the intent of reaching a cure. Your friends oncologist would have all the exact information on his/her staging and would be able to give more information on the individual case. Good luck to your friend.

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Heather  Hines, RN Heather Hines, RN
Medical Oncology Nurse
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University

Panayiotis  Savvides, MD Panayiotis Savvides, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University