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Laryngeal cancer with mets to lungs/pleura



My 48 year-old husband had a (January 2007) total laryngectomy with TEP (T4a with positive left lateral margin) and Radiation/Cisplatin treatment postop. He presented in May 2008 with R pleural effusion that lead to VATS procedure with positive (squamous cell) R pleural bx and pleurodesis.

We are now considering treatment options. There has been a discussion about the drug BIBW 2992 by Boehhringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals in Phase II trials since he has failed platinum tx. Would you please share any information regarding this new drug or any clinical trials associated with this drug? Also, what would you prescribe as standard of care treatment? A regiment of Cisplatinum, 5FU and Erbitux, or Taxol and Erbitux have been presented to us. Your thoughts would be helpful! Thank you.


Please check the site Clinical Trials.gov, a service of NIH for available clinical trials.

Please note that based on the information you provide to us, it is not clear that your husband has failed cisplatin. Although more detailed information is needed, it appears that he received adjuvant cisplatin with radiation.

All options presented need to be considered - including clinical trials, cisplatin and cetuximab based regimens.

You need to discuss available options with your oncologist or seek a 2nd opinion.

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