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Empty Hope?



I am 33 years old and have a 6 year old child who I had no trouble getting pregnant with. My husband and I have been trying (sometimes actively, sometimes not) for the past year and a half to get pregnant again. I have been on Metformin for a couple months now after being diagnosed with PCOS. My last period was June 30th and I ovulated on July 20. I had a positive urine pregnancy test on August 5 and my ob/gyn started me on progesterone suppositories that night due to previous m/c. HCG that day was only 8 so it was repeated 2 days later and was 6. I feel pregnant, sore breasts and nausea,etc. Today which was 2 days later, HCG is still 6 and urinary pregnancy test still shows positive. What is the deal? I know this is probably not a viable pregnancy but why has my period/miscarriage not started? What will happen now?


At this point, you are correct in assuming that this pregnancy is not viable.    I would also suggest stopping the suppositories as you will not start a period while you are on them.  If you have had one pregnancy loss, there is a high likelihood that this happened by chance alone.  While patients with PCOS who take metformin can conceive, it may take longer.  Patients who wish to conceive more quickly can take clomiphene citrate which is a fertility pill. 

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