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Lung Transplantation

Do they do lung transplants on people over 60



My family doctor what`s to see me tomorrow for an appointment . I told him on my last 2 visits ,I felt there was something wrong ( I also told him I wanted every test he can possibly do ) done because I just knew there was something wrong and noone was finding out what is going on .He sent me for a lung x-ray and blood tests --one being a gas test . This apparently showed my oxygen level was very low . He said if I can`t make this appointment ,I was to go to emergency . I have been on antibiotics off and on for the past year for what I was told was for cronic broncitis and lately pnemonia . I am a heavy smoker since 40 years . Do they do lung transplants on people over 60yrs old ? I have heard they won`t . The way it seems to work around here is after you get to a certain age ,they don`t want to bother with you anymore . We are treated like wasteproducts . Thanks for listening


Depending on the patient's lung disease, single lung transplantation may be an option for patients up until the age of 65 years. On a rare occasion, a patient may be older and receive a lung transplant if his or her health is otherwise excellent. The generally accepted age limit for double lung transplantation is 55 years. People who are active tobacco users are never candidates for lung transplantation.

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