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Asperger`s syndrome



My grandson has aspergers syndrome . He will not go to shower on his own and when he is almost physically taken their, he then will not get out on his own. My daughter is a wonderful mother and father is a good father. There are other two children and one on the way. The other children are fine. The oldest is 12. My grandson will not do this with rewards, or correction. My daughter was hoping that the other children doing this basic care task would help but has not done so at this point in time. Sure would help to have suggestion. He has doctors care, psychiatric care etc but no luck thanks


I recommend consulting a behavioral psychologist who has experience with behavior problems and autism for a comprehensive evaluation.

Perhaps some strategies such as using a schedule (where the moment for showering is identified) and a timer (to assist with length of the shower) would be beneficial. This needs to be coupled with reward-based strategies. If your child does not respond to rewards, it means you are not using the right rewards!

Rewards need to be something/an activity that the child really wants/enjoys and doesn't have access to otherwise. Everybody responds to rewards. One common mistake is to make them available all the time (e.g., the computer or TV won't be as effective as a reward if the child has access to them throughout the day).

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