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Urinary Disorders

Urinary Tract Infection?



I am a 16 year old girl experiencing odor in the vaginal area. I have been discharging brown blood for over a week and a half now. My periods are always normal, but I haven`t had mine in over a month. I have never had sex, either. Before the discharge and odor occurred, I had discomfort urinating, and pain in my inner thighs and lower abdomen, but not anymore. At first I thought I had a urinary tract infection, but this seems more serious. What could this be?


Even though you have not been sexually active your symptoms resembles vaginitis or PID. for some unknown reason. Symptoms described usually occur if vaginal manipulation or infected organism had access to your genital tract. Symptoms of urinary tract infection are a bit different. Howevr, you need to see your GYN for culture and treatment of genital infection.

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Ahmad  Hamidinia, MD Ahmad Hamidinia, MD
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College of Medicine
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