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Urinary Disorders

Blood in Urine, CT Scan OK



I have had blood in my urine--from trace to moderate--for the past four months. I am a healthy 55 yr old female otherwise. I take levoxyl 88 mcg/day. I`ve never had a urinary tract infection. I`ve never smoked or drank alcohol or did any drugs. Recent CT scan by the urologist reveals absolutely nothing. Now they want to do a cysto. Is blood in the urine always an indication of something?


Red blood cells are cleared from kidney and return back to circulation. Presence of red blood cells indicate a bleeding source or problem with filtration system of the kidneys. Therefore, cystoscopy is to look at any bleeding source from the bladder. Negative cystoscopy is expected and the next step would be surveillance. One has to also be aware of other proteins in urine which resemble hemoglobin but they could be waste product of muscle which may turn dip stick positive for blood. Lastly, minute vaginal bleeding may contaminate the urine. All of the above should be looked at.

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