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Urinary Disorders

Is Kidney Removal the Best Solution?



My mother, 76 yrs of age, has the ff ultrasound result of her whole abdomen on 12/06 showing enlarge left kidney 19.5x11.6x9.9cm (LWH) cortical thickness has no reading with 0.8cm last 9/27/08. GFR result shows right kidney at 50.44 ml/min while left kidney is zero. ENLARGEMENT IS CAUSED BY PRESENCE OF KIDNEY STONE 3.4 X 1.8CM AT THE LEFT KIDNEY. Will removal of the left kidney be the best and safe solution? Will she withstand the surgery and its after effect with only one kidney? I hope there are other ways. hoping for your reply. Thank you.


I do not understand all the abbreviations you have used. It is difficult to advise treatment options without seeing an individual and reviewing all the xrays, lab results and history, etc. If in fact, the kidney is non-functional and is removed, an individual can live with one kidney. It is best to see a urologist to help with the evaluation and determine if the kidney needs to be removed and to assess your mother's surgical risk. The urologist can then review the pros and cons of removing the kidney or leaving it in.

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Donald R Bodner, MD Donald R Bodner, MD
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