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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Is this caused by anxiety?



This will be quite a long post and I`m sorry, but I just need some advice. This all started a week ago when I had just eaten a big meal and was on my way home. I had this weird chest sensation and my left arm went numb. I waited until the next day and went and saw a doctor. She ordered and EKG and checked me out and said I was fine, these were just normal heart palpitations. So I returned to work afterwards. After work I went home and still had these weird sensations, not really chest pains though. So I let it go on a couple of days and one evening I laid down to go to bed and couldn`t sleep for the constant burning in my chest. I went to the local ER and the on duty doctor did an EKG and chest x-rays and said everything was normal I just had acid reflux. He prescribed me some medicine and I have been taking it and the burning hasn`t come back as of now. Just last night I laid down to go to sleep and couldn`t sleep because I would have one of these chest sensations and all of a sudden my hands and feet began to tingle and they would quit if I got up and walked around, but as soon as I laid back down they would do this again for a little while and quit. Now today at work I have had this tingling/burning sensation across my shoulder blades that has been somewhat constant. I also have moments where my whole body feels tingly then it will quit and my feet feel tingly. I`m 24 years old and I do smoke, but haven`t had any health issues before. I just want some advice on this situation, is this just anxiety or something else? Please respond.


I really can't answer your question via an internet post.  However, it appears you have been to at least two physicians who have assessed your physical health and who have found no serious physical health problems.  I think it is appropriate to consider whether stress or anxiety may be exacerbating physical symptoms.

I encourage you to both read about anxiety and depression on the attached weblinks and to consider seeing a mental health professional for an assessment.  In the course of an interview and discussion with a professional, you will likely find the answer to your question.

Good Luck.

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