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Urinary Disorders

First Time Symptoms



About a week and a half ago I thought I might have a yeast infection. I was experiencing itching and an uncomfortable sensation upon urination, but no pain. I got 7 day kit from the store and used 6 out of the 7 applications. The 7th night I was out and stayed at a friend`s house. I didn`t use the last application because I felt better. As of just this morning I`m having quite a bit of pain with urination, but no other symptoms. I don`t have frequent yeast infections or uti`s by any means. My last application should have happended 6 days ago and my menstral cycle stared two days ago, I don`t know if this info is at all helpful. I don`t have health insurance so any info at all would be appreciated. Thank you.


Sorry for the late reply. It sounds as though the recurrence of urinary tract infection is what causes the dysuria (pain during urination). It usually follows extreme sexual activities. It can be combined with yeast infection but I believe it is only bacterial and E. Coli infection. You need to have your urine cultured and be treated by proper medication as needed. Just taking medication based on assumption, not only is costly but could have adverse effects as well.

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