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Athletic Training

Simple workout



is it correct to perform the following workout of 40-45min daily after some warmup 1. 4 waist exercises(1-2 sets) 2. dumbell press,dumbell flyes,pullovers,(3 set)for chest 3. 3.4 abs exercises(1-2 sets) 4. neck and shoulder exercise 5. 4-5 exercises for legs and hips(2 sets) some simple stretches is anything wrong with this simple workout my main focus is on toning and strengthen specially pectoral for breast support i am of 28 ,5 ft ,53kg and have fats on lower body that is in our family i have reduced some wieght about 8-9kg due to some medication changes for whaich i want that there will be no weak,dull and tiring appearances on my face and i also want to get back my cheeks as before is there any special exercises for face


As to the traditional workout you are performing, it is very inclusive of many different muscle groups which is a good plan for overall fitness and toning.

The breast support and facial toning exercises would be outside of our area and I wouldn't want to provide you with any erroneous information. You could check in with other areas in the NetWellness site to see if there may be a better fit for those questions.

Good luck!

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Janine   Oman, MS, PT/ATC Janine Oman, MS, PT/ATC
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