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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Seizures comming off of xanax?



Yes I almost had a heat stroke last june and after that I started to have panic attacks EVERY time I got even the slighest hot. So the Dr at the hospital got sick of me comming there in an ambulance and wrote me a prescription for xanax.It was small dose at first .25MG but I started going to a walk in clinic and they bumped it up to 1MG and I started taking 3MG a day but the Dr gave me seroquel and ive managed to get my self down to .25MG i take every night before I go to bed . I have been taking .25MG a night for about 4 mounths now every night and im scared to just quit because I dont want to have a seizure. do you think it is possible for me to have a seizure comming off of .25MG for the last 4 mounths??? I have taken it every day scence last june 08. if you think so what should I do to get off of it ? I dont fell that im hooked at all I just dont want to take it anymore. thanks for the help. oh ya im a 23 year old male and about 250LBS


The probability of having withdrawal seizures on that dose of alprazolam is quite low. This is of course assuming that you do not have any predisposing factors for seizures or have been using or are on other similar agents such as other benzodiazpines, alcohol, or other central nervous system depressants. These are the things that could generally be reviewed with your personal physician to be sure and minimize your apprehension.

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