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Mouth Diseases

Cyst Under Tongue



How do you remove a ranula under my 1 year olds tongue?


You generally don't remove them as they usually will rupture and heal without intervention.

How do you know your child has a ranula or mucous retention phenomena? I would have the child examined by a pediatric dentist to determine if indeed it is a ranula or mucocele and try to determine the cause.

The treatment for reoccurring lesions is varied ranging from marsupulization or removal of the ductal obstruction, to just incision and drainage. The later is not high on my list as they can return if the primary cause is not addressed and also can become infected. The type of gland that is involved also dictates the treatment.

Does the child have trouble with swallowing or does the resultant swelling alter function (swallowing, talking/crying, and breathing)? This is why I would have it evaluated.

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Richard J Jurevic, DDS, PhD Richard J Jurevic, DDS, PhD
Formerly, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
School of Dental Medicine
Case Western Reserve University