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What could be causing my daughter`s fever?



My two year old daughter had her adenoids removed in April. She was diagnosed with chronic adenioditis. She had been running a fever even on antibiotics. The fever left her right after surgery. I was so excited. Two days later the fever returned. It had the same characteristics that it had before. Low grade then going up to 101 then symptoms started such as allergy: sneezing, coughing, eye swelling (redness under the eye) etc. She would complain about her teeth and cheeks hurting. I took her to the doctor because she had run a 101 fever for over 4 days. She said, she had a cold with pink eye. I took her for a second opinion when she got worse the next day. This doctor diagnosed her with a sinus infection and allergy. She is now on allergy meds which help but she never got rid of the fever. We were referred to infectious diseases. She said she had a severe case of Tonsillitis that she was getting over and had had for a while. We feel she was misdiagnosed by her normal pediatrician and the other doctor. She did get better but she still has fever after 30 days. She still has some nasal stuffiness when the allergy meds are starting to where off. Also in all her blood work, her hermaticrit and hemoglobin is low. Iron deficiency as well as other illnesses related to anemia have been ruled out.They just said she is low.Normal for her is 10.5 it drops as low as 9.2 when the ID doctor took a cbc. I do know she has had frequent throat infections. She actually stays at home with me so could it be that her throat is continuing to infect itself and it is causing this or something else. We are all at a loss. I have not taken her back to the doctor because they don`t know what to do with her except say it is a virus. It usually runs between 99.4 and 100.5 everyday. This is a rectal temp. She has been to 3 or 4 specialists and no one can figure this out. She eats, sleeps and plays. YOu would never know she is running a fever. Thanks!


There is no way to really offer an opinion in this type of complicated case. I think the I.D. doctor is you best bet for an answer.

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Charles Monroe Myer III, MD Charles Monroe Myer III, MD
Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati