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Urinary Disorders

Painful During Urination



I came back from abroad after 1 year. I had sex with my wife, after 3 days i feel a little pain somewhere in the middle inside my penis & a little bit itchiness sensation during urination. After almost a month the pain was so intense, I don`t have any abnormal discharge but a great pain so i decided to consult a doctor and immediately prescribed me with bactrin & uricol granules. The pain had disappeared at the very first time I take the medicine until I finish my medication. But, when I finish my medication it came back after 3 days & this time the pain is somewhere in the end portion of my penis maybe inside the head but the itchiness feeling has gone. Again, I came back to my doctor and had my urine sample tested and the results are: 15-20 pus cells; 3-5 red cells; ep-cells=few; mucus=rare; ca.oxalate ++; uric acid crystals ++. and gave me the same medicines. Do I have UTI? Did I get this infection having sex with my wife because she had also UTI 2 months back before we had sex? Is it contagious?


It certainly appears that you have a urinary tract infection and perhaps a stone. If this does not clear up after a second course of antibiotics you should have a more through evaluation including X-rays. It is unlikely that you got an infection from your wife.

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Marc F Cymes, PA Marc F Cymes, PA
Clinical Instructor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University