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Im a 16 year old Cheerleader suffering from HIGH weight loss, loss of hair, skin disscoloration, and heart problems. I have had blood test done the docter says i have a low white blood count but not really bad sign. i have been tested for a few other things but cannot figure out whats wrong. I eat pretty much 24/7 includign all the meat i can get. i had brown spots on my hand that occured wthin a 4 hour time period that are now starting on my other hand. does any of this sound familiar??


Thank you very much for the question. Certainly, it is difficult to make any diagnosis without interviewing a and examining the patient. Your symptoms of weight loss, hair loss and heart problems could be caused by any number of conditions. Some disorders that come to mind include: an overactive thyroid, chronic infection, gastrointestinal allergy, and underactive adrenal gland, to name just a few. I recommend you schedule an appointment with your physician to share your concerns about these signs and symptoms and possibly get a referral to a sub-specialist who could provide further assistance with diagnosing your condition.

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Stephen E Wilson, MD, MSc Stephen E Wilson, MD, MSc
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College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati