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Kidney Diseases

<59 eGFR and 1 Kidney



I was born with 1 kidney. Although experiencing multiple urinary tract infections when I was younger, I do not seem to have any problems now. At a recent "Health Fair" my test results show my eGFR at 53. All other "numbers" were within the normal/healthy range. Could this be because I have one kidney? Because I do have one kidney is this more serious? Is there anything I can do through diet that can change this number? Also, I donated platelettes a while back. The next few days I felt achy and flu-y. Could there be any connection? I would like to continue to donate but don`t want to do damage to my renal system. Thanks so much.


No connection between donating platelets and your symptoms after. Beware however that sometimes a low eGFR is associated with anemia. The low eGFR could be as a result of having a single kidney but usually the single kidney compensates for this and the eGFR is normal. Your repeated urinary tract infections make me suspicious of possible renal damage from this. You didn't say if you had a urinalysis, which needs to be done. My advice would be to have this evaluated by your physician.

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