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Urinary Disorders

Reflux & Stricture Ureter



Dear Net Wellness, I had twice surgery of reimplantation ureter .. the first one because stricture ureter but this surgery failed , this cause me had a reflux grade IV - V. The second surgery to fixed reflux problem. After second surgery, the X-ray result still had reflux low grade, and the result of cultur urine result had bacteria. My upper stomach pain and sometime difficult to urinate. My urologist said nothing wrong with my bladder , ureter & the problem maybe from vagina .. i go to doctor gynecology , he did usg and the result is normal.

Can you help give me advice to my situation?


It is difficult to advise you on your situation without more complete medical history and review of the xrays. The initial reimplantation of the ureter for stricture disease may have been done in a non-tunneled manner into the dome of the bladder. This would provide the best chance of not having obstruction of the ureter especially if the ureter was being reimplanted for stricture disease and obstruction. Reflux after may occur but in an adult is not generally a clinical problem. It appears that it was in your case requiring an additional reimplant. I would suggest that you discuss with your urologist the significance of the persistant low grade reflux now and if this requires any further treatment (depending on your age and symptoms).

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Donald R Bodner, MD Donald R Bodner, MD
Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University