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Kidney Diseases

CKD and Pain



I was only recently told that I have CKD. My problem is I have severe pain in my left side kinda toward my back, however the kidney doctor I went to says it has nothing to do with my kidneys at all. Yet every time I have had a problem with my kidneys that is where it has all ways hurt me. Could she be right about it? It hurts so bad right now I am crying. I`m afraid to take any pain medication because I don`t really know what is causing it. Please help me. Thanks.


Without actually seeing and examining you, it is not possible to say whether your pain is coming from your kidney.  However, chronic kidney disease very rarely causes pain, except if there is a kidney stone or an infection.  Please see the link below for a description of kidney pain. 

If you have not had a kidney ultrasound or CT scan, you should have one just to be sure there is no kidney stone or tumor that might be causing the pain.  However, there are a number of other structures in the area that you describe (lower ribs, muscles, spleen, stomach, colon) that could possibly be a cause of the pain, so you may need studies to see if any of those might be the cause.  However, the most important thing is for describe your pain in detail to your doctor, and to be examined while you are having the pain, in order to decide which tests are actually needed.

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