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my left leg was amputated below the knee in january of 2008 from P.A.D and diabetes i was fitted with a leg when i first got my new leg i didn`t really have any problems now i can`t walk that far without having constant pain in the leg i have to stop and rest all the time and when i walk too far my right hip hurts am i just walking on it wrong and another thing after i got my leg it was everyone forgot about physical therapy so everything i learned i learned on my own why would it hurt so much after all this time i have had my new leg for almost a year


Although it is less difficult for a person to learn, on their own, how to walk with a prosthesis following amputation below the knee compared to above the knee, what the amputee may feel is a functional gait may not be optimal. That is, an amputee isn't the best judge of whether their walking pattern is smooth, symmetric, and the most efficient it can be. Although the amputee's prosthetist observes that person's prosthetic gait, once proper fit and function of the prosthesis have been achieved, if the prosthetist and/or patient don't feel a need to see each other for a while, the amputee may develop "bad habits" - with respect to their gait pattern - which are difficult to correct the longer they occur.

If you haven't seen your prosthetist recently, you should do so ASAP, to determine whether your left leg pain:

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Brian L Bowyer, MD Brian L Bowyer, MD
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