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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Anxiety which I can`t control



I face a problem which friends and family regard it as insignificant and says that its a limitation in mind. I dont believe so. I am not strong. Whenever i pick something heavy, my hands shiver. People who I know ask why do I shiver so much. When they ask me to hold out my hand, its never still...they see it shivering which I admit it is. And the other problem is with regard to me being at the wheels. whenever I am in my vehicle, I experience emotionally strange sort of behaviour. I start shivering and my legs start shaking violently. The fear of accidents and failure becomes enslaving and totally controls me. I become totally depressed and ashamed that I cant drive 4 wheelers. Please advise on my road of action that I should follow....


Some of the things that you are describing are not inconsistent with an anxiety disorder. Other individuals (family and friends) at times do not realize the significance of anxiety symptoms and how they are so troubling for many patients because the seem to be functioning is well in so many areas of their life.  

It is difficult to rule out though if multiple things are contributing to some of your difficulties. I would start with explaining these difficulties to your primary care physician but also discuss the possibility of a psychiatric consultation to clarify some of these difficulties.

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