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Sperm count



The Pathology report of my spem count is:-

Seminal Fluid Analysis Apperance = Opaque White / Greyish or Opaque White, Volume = 2.1 mL / 20 - 5.0, Viscosity = Normal, Sperm Count = 88.0 million/mL / 20 - 250, Sperm Progression = Rapid Linear Progression, Sperm Motility = 84% / >75,

Sperm Morphology Normal Form Sperm = 86% / >75, Red Blood Cell = 2/hpf / 0-5, White Blood Cell = 3/hpf / 0-5, Cellular Debris = Minimal, Sperm Agglunation = Not Seen,

it`s Normal right? And My sperm is good right? why can`t i seem to get my wife pregnant. I`m a 29 year old guy.


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