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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Anxiety with light headedness



Hi, I am 25 years of age and I am currently undergoing an exceptionally stressful time in my life. My fiance left me and on the same day I found out that a close friend of mine had passed away. I am now in the middle of my university exams. I have started suffering head aches, nauseas and anxiety along with light headedness. Some times light headedness comes first but then the anxiety closely follows. I do have high blood pressure but they checked that and its a little high but not dangerously so. I am also really struggling to have a good nights rest. I tend to wake up in 2 hour intervals. Is this all just stress related or should I be more concerned?


Individuals underestimate how significant stress can be. It can be directly related to your symptoms or can be exacerbating things.  Either way it should be assessed at some point in time. You are in the middle of exams so the timing of this needs to be based on many factors that include the quality and quantity of your symptoms and your ability to function with these factors. It's always safest to have your symptoms evaluated sooner rather than later by an objective clinician. I would recommend that you do so to minimize the difficulties that you are experiencing.

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