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In July,2009. I was pregnant. On the 32rd. day of my pregnancy, I had the blood test, and the status of HCG is only over 700. Two days later, I have another test, HCG 1017. I injected HCG. Five days later, HCG 1521.BC showed irregular shape. In this November, I am pregnant again. But tragedy happened again, on the 30th. of my pregnancy, my HCG 406, one days later, the status of HCG was only 546. Another two days later ,HCG 654.It means I will lose my baby again. My EmAb and AsAb is normal. And TESTO,PROG,ESTRDL,PRL,LH,PSH are all normal. I don`t have mycoplasma and chlamydia virus or sexual diseases. My husband`s sperms are almost normal. He also don`t have mycoplasma and chlamydia problem. But the truth is we can`t have our baby. I don`t know why . If I can`t solve the problem, the tragedy will happen again.


There are many causes of recurrent miscarriages. You should see a specialist for a complete evaluation prior to trying again.

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William W Hurd, MD William W Hurd, MD
Professor of Reproductive Biology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University