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Will a sarcoma appear on a chest xray? I recently had a chest xray and the result showed a soft tissue shadow post thorax. I am worried it is sarcoma. I was asked to repeat the xray in 4 weeks. The xray was done due to heart palpitations which the heart appeared normal but then this shadow showed up. I am a 43 year old healthy female.The radiologist report indicated probably an artifact. I did have an electrode left on my side from my previous EKG if that makes a difference. I do not know. Thankyou.


Yes a sarcoma would show up on an xray if it is in your lung. However, most "shadows" that show up and are thought to be artifact are usually just that: artifact, which means it is something not really there or of no significance. I would ask your doctor to repeat an xray to be sure it is nothing.

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