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Is My 9 Year-Old Going Through Puberty?



My Daughter just turned 9 three weeks ago. She has had underarm odor for the past 6 mos. and has to use deoderant daily. She has been so moody and has cried over nothing so much recently. This is not normal for her. She also had a small amount of blood on the toilet paper after using the bathroom the other day. We haven`t seen anymore blood since. Should we go see the doctor? Will he be able to tell us if she is about to enter puberty? I have had a talk with her about what she can expect if she starts her period, and she has started carrying pads with her to school.


Thank you for your question about signs of early puberty. This is a concern for many parents and one that should be considered in children with any signs of early puberty. Use this information to speak to your doctor about your concerns and decide if any further tests should be completed.

Typical signs of early puberty in girls include:

Typical signs of late puberty include: If ANY of these changes start before age 8 it is important to see your doctor. However many children will develop body odor without other signs of puberty, and this may NOT be associated with early puberty.

If no other signs of development are occurring after a discussion and visit with your provider, it may be normal and can be treated with typical care such as frequent bathing and use of deodorant.

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Allison A Macerollo, MD Allison A Macerollo, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University