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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Why Can't my Son Ejaculate?



My son is 25 and is having problems with ejacualting during sex. He states that there is fluid but not very much and not much force behind it. He has a past history of drug abuse. There is also a history of congenital birth defects, bifid hypospadis (severe with whole urethra being built), imperforated anus; all of which was corrected with surgery at any early age. His physician stated should not interfer with sexual function or sterility, but now I am wondering. With there being ejaculation, but no force behind it, that is what has me wondering. My son states no problem with erections, maintainig erections, or the stiffness of erections. Not even sure where to begin with this.


Low ejaculate volume and retardation of ejaculation can be caused by medications known as Serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Also Elavyl does that as well. Some of the problem appear to be due to surgery for rebuilding the urethra (scar tissue built in urethra). This can be evaluated. Also due to many congenital problems he may also have ejaculatory duct abnormality. Orgasm is defined as psychic satisfaction after or during ejaculation. If satisfaction is reached there should be no concerns as many people have no forward ejaculation. Yet orgasm for them is satisfactory.

As for sterility, he needs to have semen analysis.

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